10 Ways to Win the Heart of Your Special Valentine

10 Ways to Win the Heart of Your Special Valentine

Every year on February 14 the romantic holiday of Valentine’s Day comes around again. For some people this causes a lot of angst when they come up short on ideas. While some others spend weeks if not months in preparation for the big day. At Seagate Suites, we’re here to help this year!

We’ll give you some of the greatest Valentine’s Day ideas ever. So this year there’s no reason to let it slip by without doing something special for your Valentine.

1. One of the best ways to take the holiday over the top is to take a trip away together. Go online and make a reservation to stay at one of Seagate Suites Valentine’s Day vacation rentals by the seashore. Choose your holiday rental based on the amenities you’d like to enjoy together. You don’t have to settle for a hotel room when our gorgeous suites at Seagate Suites are available and offer so much more.

2. Start to plan your trip before you arrive, right down to what you’ll have as your morning breakfast while sitting on the balcony enjoying the view and watching the sunrise. Another option is to spread a blanket on the beach and enjoy a picnic breakfast for two. Whether you prepare something yourself or call ahead and pickup your order along the way, you can’t go wrong.

3. At day’s end you could enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner in one of the area’s restaurants either in Naples or Marco Island followed by live music in one of the area’s nightlife venues. Be sure to choose the type of cuisine that you both enjoy. Many restaurants have dinner specials, and sometimes a separate menu with special entrees, especially on behalf of Valentine’s Day.

4. As an alternative to restaurant dining, why not dine by candlelight on the beach, just the two of you. Whether you spread a blanket and surround it with candles in the sand or set up a table and chairs and eat on fine china, it’s the romance of the moment that will sweep you both away! Don’t forget to add some soft music and just enjoy the moment.

5. Don’t forego the idea of flowers if you’re traveling. A bouquet of flowers and a card is a traditional romantic gesture! Take it over the top by adding a box of chocolates. A bouquet of flowers can be exceptionally romantic when given in a setting that doesn’t involve your residence or office! Place your order for flowers well in advance of the rush. Not sure what to order? Ask the florist’s opinion or check their website for photos of the arrangements they can put together.

6. If you’re short on time or the holiday has crept up on you, don’t despair. Buy a well-thought out Valentine’s Day card and inside tuck a pair of airline tickets or a reservation confirmation at Seagate Suites for a long weekend away. Your thoughtfulness will surely be rewarded!

7. Give a gift of assorted massage oils in a basket with a pink ribbon tied to it. Tuck a little handmade coupon book into the basket that offers one free massage for each coupon turned in. This is a gift that will speak volumes and can be used anywhere!

8. Whether your relationship has been around awhile or you’ve met someone new and want to show them you’re interested, why not meet for Valentine’s Day cocktails. Do your homework first to find out who is having special deals for the holiday then take your Valentine there and get ready to impress!

9. Write a love letter to your Valentine if your relationship is at that level. Talk about how you met and where you hope to go. Talk about all the lovable parts of your Valentine that makes your heart skip a beat. Even if you’re not deeply in love, there’s a whole lot you can write in a letter about friendships. Just open up your heart and get started. You’ll be amazed at what comes out.

10. If you’re in the Naples or Marco Island area this Valentine’s Day, check the local newspapers for events taking place and surprise your special Valentine with a trip there. The holiday doesn’t have to cost a lot to be meaningful. Some of the most romantic gestures don’t cost any at all.

Look at our holiday vacation rentals online and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to call us at 239-774-7300. We’d love to help you choose the perfect Valentine accommodations to impress your special date! We know you won’t be disappointed by what Seagate Suites has to offer!